The Post About Domestic Goddess in Training

This weekend, I was a guest at a pantry party for my two sweet friends who are getting hitched in June. Here's what I learned:
1. You can buy potatoes in a can.
2. There's a tool that will snatch gook off your soup called a skimmer.
3. Field peas exist.

Guests with more kitchen experience than me started to spin tales about things they do from scratch. For example, one guest mentioned she makes her own maple syrup. Who knew I could stop sticky fingering the mini bottles of syrup from restaurants like Cracker Barrel and make my own?

There were also a surprising number of party goers who make their own sweetened tea on the stove top. I generally buy gallons of tea from the grocery store. But since the economy is still floundering in the deep end of the cess pool, I thought it might be a good time to flashback to darker times before Mrs. Iced Tea maker made her debut.

I boiled the water and steeped the tea bags:

Then, I had to start over because I got pushy with the bags and they vomited their leaves all in my brew water. So fragile. After giving them their personal space, I ended up with this yummy concoction:

This is me being domestic. Perhaps if I keep this up, I will snag a boyfriend who will want to marry me and then we will have a pantry party where friends bring us brand name goodies like Bounty paper towels and Oreo cookies.

What domestic secrets would you like to share?


  1. I love how two out of the three on your 'things you learned' list are actually thanks to my mother.

    I don't think we'll be making our own maple syrup any time soon. But I can't believe however, that after living in the South this long you had never made your own sweet tea. Weirdo.

  2. This is how my mom always made iced tea.

    I'm in a split household. My boyfriend always buys iced tea in the big jug (he gets the ones with artificial sweetner), and I always have to do some variation on sun tea, and it always has to be unsweetened.

    And I'm also the type to get over zealous and squish the bags open ;)

  3. From one domestic goddess to another, I have several "from scratch" recipes, skills and secrets that I would be willing to share. My family enjoys the homemade biscuits and gravy that I make from scratch -- no mixes here. Both are foolproof and taste great (actually, I don't eat gravy, so those "yuuuummmm, yuuuummmm gravy comments are from my family). :-)

  4. S: I do not see "weirdo" as an insult. I will embrace as an opportunity for change.

    PB: I know I'll have crossed over to the "Martha Stewart" side when I'm knocking out some sun tea.

    MR: You should email me all of those so I can be a contender (or at least a pretender...)

  5. I agree with Sam. The only time we ever buy gallons of tea from the store is if a lot of people are coming over. Homemade tea is SO much better than pre-made tea.

  6. hahaha! This was funny. I would never have the inclination to make my own maple syrup...I guess I'm too lazy?

    I too am a single domestic godess..now, if I can perfect that potato leek soup, things might change. lol

    PS: My domestic godess tip - leeks kinda look like big ol' green onions.

  7. K: You are right - I've almost finished my pitcher :)

    P: thank you for the heads up on leeks - I will be making that sassy soup very soon!

  8. I don't own a skimmer :(

    Note to self: try canned potatoes and get skimmer.

  9. Just so you know, canned potatoes are only similar to real potatoes in the fact that they are off-white and somewhat rounded; there, all similarities end.

  10. P.S. ....will send recipes on the 'morrow.

  11. K: I don't own one either - apparently they come in handy!

    MR: I think I will stick to uncanned potatoes.

  12. You'd be suprised with what you can do with a microwave....sweet tea and a chocolate cake =) I'm glad you came


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