The Post About Love is on the Brain

Rabbit Reader: "Why the string of serious blogs this week?"
Me: "I'm hormonal."

Hormones are crafty lil' buggers. They can make you eat, buy, scream and cry in ways you didn't think possible. With just a tad extra estrogen in your system, you'll find yourself thinking of ways to maim the person in front of you who has 46 items in the CLEARLY MARKED less-than-20 line and text your brother to tell him how much you miss him (all in the same 9 seconds...).

My matchmaker endocrine system has led to me to fall in love three times in the past 7 days. Three. Let me introduce you to my significant others:

1. Raymond: He works at Dell. He loves Italian food and spontaneous road trips. Truthfully, all I know is Raymond made a Nikon D40 camera appear at my house for $40 less than advertised. I'm pretty sure he lives in Bangladesh - my new summer getaway.
2. Dylan: He and I attended the same wake on Tuesday. I actually don't know his name because I didn't even speak to him. I just picked "Dylan" because it sounds mysterious and gainfully employed. He was attractive and needed to be comforted.
3. Vince: He works at GoDaddy.com (the holder of www.jamiesrabbits.com). The call took 10 minutes and he spoke fluent English. He also spoke jcrewkindafunnyandcute English. Our children will think he owns the place.

My friend Kara thinks I need to meet real people. I think she may be right.


  1. Reason # 1 on the list titled "Why a woman should never be President of the United States of America."

    1. Estrogen. You should never entrust the Button to a person who cries just because they feel like crying. If a dude cries just because he feels like it he should not have the button either.

    Jamie, imagine that you are the President this week. Imagine the leader of Pakistan calling you "toots". Imagine the war.

    Imagine the cabinet having a pre-cabinet meeting meeting.
    Secretary of Defense: "Everyone remember that Mrs. President is very grumpy this week."
    Secretary of State: Rawr!!!!! What *&!!@$$$**^%$ difference does that make!!!!

    By the way Kara agrees a woman should never be President for this very same reason as she has been crazy this week also.

  2. Information- you just gave too much of it.

    If Sam were President, the Jonas Brothers would definately be all up in the Supreme Judiciary, ruling on cases and what not.

  3. YAY for the Jonas Bros. as Supreme Court Justices!! I'd watch C-Span more often if Jamie or Sam were Pres. because I know we'd have some hotties in office! I'm just sayin'.

  4. Real people are highly overrated.

  5. J: My problem is I would pick a Supreme Court Justice based on how he looks in the robe. And his smoky eyes. I acknowledge I shouldn't be President, but a post-menopausal me would rock.

    B: They would rule with purity and love bugs.

    KK: Thank you.

    B: Hmmm....honeybuns.

    S: Unfortunately, that's often the case...

  6. Jamie, you should totally run for president...My Dad would vote for you wholeheartedly, even though he thinks you are a socialist.:o)

    And, Joseph, if we are excluding women from the presidency due to a lack of control over emotions, then can we exclude men from the position for their love of fart jokes and bathroom humor? This clearly means that they are too immature for the job. Since men AND women are incapable of the office, then, logically, we would have to let kittens and bunnies run the country. I would totally watch C-Span then, and on those certain times that happen every month, I might even shed a tear or two for their absolute adorableness.


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