The Post About Quick Fixes and Spot Healing

I'm not writing about how to handle a crisis. I'm highlighting two of my favorite buttons in one of my favorite slices of software: Photoshop. Since I recently picked up a Nikon D40, it has become my best friend when I realize I still don't know how to use a camera and need some assistance in post-production. Plus, who couldn't use whiter teeth and less chins?

Recently I saw 15 images that look like they had some work done, but no. Faux Photoshop. Here are a couple of samples:

{image: airliners.net}

Visit WebUrbanist to see several more and explanations of how they made the magic happen. I wouldn't mind having the dog you'll see to take out the trash and intimidate the UPS guy to remain on the porch until I get home. And then marry me. Who's a good dog?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Those were interesting!

  2. By the way, you are doing great on your photography!!

  3. That plane picture is crazy - I can't believe that is real!

  4. That doggy made me sad.
    That's borderline animal abuse.


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