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My Mom is fairly conservative. She doesn't drink or swear or rat her hair. But she's the one who bought me this book:
America (The Book) by Jon Stewart. We both share a love for The Daily Show, although I'm probably more faithful since her bedtime is a wee bit earlier. Stewart, his show and his book are quite irreverant, but absolutely hilarious.


Once I got the flashy high speed intertubes a few weeks ago, I was able to fully embrace
Hulu for all its worth. And then I stumbled upon Firefly. Of course I like it, because it was cancelled after only one season. But it's a snazzy western set in space with guns, tumbleweeds, a hot captain and all the funny that could be mustered from the mind of Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, other craziness). You can own it by clicking on the DVD pic above or watch it for free at Hulu. I tend to choose free.


I remember hearing this Cindy Morgan song "How Could I Ask For More" when I was 16. A sign of a good song is when it still holds up a "few" years later. Her most recent album, the indie "Beautiful Bird" is a lovely mix of bluegrass and ballad and pop and superb songwriting. Plus, she played in my best friend Kara's living room last night and she was even better live. No surprise.


  1. Joss Whedon is such a genius. I mean, writing and directing a musical video blog starring NPH during the writer's strike? Brilliant!

  2. We have America: The Book and the Teacher's Edition. The TE is even more awesome, if that is possible.

  3. mf: I just watched Dr. Horrible this weekend - so fun!! It made me love Doogie all the more!

    KO: I didn't even know there was a TE - an addition to my wish list!


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