The Post About The Rabbit Recommends: Nerd Edition

Yesterday's faboosh came from New York and today comes from Tennessee. My friend Scott is smart, funny, and smart. He's almost a CPA and he knows his way around a gadget. Enjoy! jamie

Since I was Jamie's friend who introduced her to Google Reader, I thought it might be nice to share a few other technology-related innovations that might help you out in life. You can think of it as "The Rabbit Recommends: Nerd Edition."

1. Redbox and InsideRedbox: Seriously, I may never go to the theater more than once a year ever again. You can rent DVDs for a dollar a night. Yes, that's $1 per night. Their website is great...you can find the movie you're looking for and even reserve it if you want. Then when you get to your local kiosk, you can pick it up. InsideRedbox has coupon codes you can type in when you're checking out from the kiosk that can end up getting your first night free. So if you only have the DVD for one night at a time...free DVD rentals. It's pretty amazing. I sometimes wonder how these people are making money...but their system works terrifically, so I'm always happy to use it.

2. Lifehacker.com - Put this site in your feed reader/bookmarks today! This is a handy site that covers all sorts of great ideas to make your life better. From do-it-yourself projects to eating advice to pet owning suggestions to tech-related news and research...they have something you're bound to be interested in. And they do a great job of covering everything, so you can read as much (or little) as you care to know about each topic.

3. ReQall.com - A few years ago, I learned a neat productivity trick: When I was out and needed to remember to set a 'to-do' for myself at work the next day, I would call my office voicemail from my cell phone and leave a message, telling myself what to do. ReQuall is a step better than that. Visit the site and get set up. When you're out and need to leave a note, just call ReQuall (I have it on speed dial) and say your note. If you say "Don't forget to tie your shoes," then it puts it on a list of things to do and emails you a copy of your message, typed out. If you say "Meeting at 2 with the boss", it can put a meeting on your calendar at 2pm. If you say "Go to the store and buy milk" then it will put "milk" on the shopping list. No matter how you use it, it does a great job of serving as a text-to-speech program that emails you written summaries of your spoken ideas. I've been a happy user of the free version for over a year now.

Feel free to come check out my blog at www.scottcrews.com! Thanks to Jamie for this great opportunity. This was fun!

--Scott Crews--

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