The Post About The Pied Piper Aisle of Wal-Mart

The aisle called to me. The freshly stocked shelves that only last a short season.

School supplies.

Even though 10 years have come and gone since I was registered for a class, I still love the smell of paper and binders and procrastination.

I miss it almost enough to enroll in something.


Composition Notebook
I was on the prowl for laundry detergent and cream cheese, but this notebook needed a good home. I love
EverNote for Bugs my phone, but there's just something special about writing out a long list on wide-ruled paper with the goal of a dramatic cross-off with a Bic pen.

Manila Folders
Manila folders are like running late and discovering the shirt you were going to wear doesn't need to be ironed. Perfection. As an event planner, I live and die by an
Every Day Tickler system. You can too. Choose life.

Label Maker
Yes Indy, it's the ark of the covenant.
It's not in Nevada. It's on my desk.

So what about you? What school supply makes your heart flutter?

{images: Jamie}


  1. New crayons. And not the cheap kind, either. The real Crayola ones in the BIG box with the sharpener. Ahhh, the potential in a box of 64 crayons with a sharpener.

  2. I do the same thing. I spend so much money on school supplies because I have to have everything organized and in its place. My favorite item is the highlighter with the built in flags. It's awesome.

  3. I get excited when I see anything with Hello Kitty on it in the back to school aisle...

  4. L: They are the best for eating too.

    K: Ooh...I need one of those.

    W: Hello Kitty makes all things less daunting.

  5. I'm not gonna lie: school supplies are a major reason why I LOVE to teach :)

  6. I have a long list of school supplies that Mana needs if you need to go shopping on that aisle. LOL!!

  7. Oh I am so delighted to meet another school supply glutton. I must say my fave thing is probably my colorful assortment of stick-it notes. Can't go a day without them. Right now I am looking at 3 to-do's stuck to my computer, and there will be another 2 waiting for me at Bedouins stuck to my desk...I really don't know what I'd do without them. (p.s. - Totally gonna try the Tickler system.)

  8. jat: That would be heaven to force the children to bring me white-out.

    TS: I would end up buying more for me!

    J: I have a pop-up post-it tool on my desk and I run through them like yellow lights.


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