The Post About 10 {Wishes} on Tuesday

Updates to these:
6. John Krasinski is engaged.
7. I do have a beautiful red patent tote (take that Valentino.)

Originally posted August 12, 2008

The Post About If I Could

If I could...
1. I would only eat cheez-its, hummus and drink gallons of sweet tea and still lose weight.
2. I would sing like Brooke Fraser and play violin like Martie Maguire.
3. I would speak fluent Spanish with my Hispanic friends at El Vecino and Sabor Latino.
4. I would wear my hair like Princess Leia and people would want to copy my sassy style.
5. I would travel in my time machine to the 4th grade and convince myself not to let my mother pick out my clothes or choose which perm I should get.
6. I would say "yes" to a marriage proposal from John Krasinski, Jack Shephard or an owner of a Chick-Fil-A.
7. I would carry the Valentino Histore Patent Tote in Red and skip to work.
8. I would say things like "You're fly, sugarpie!" and "Don't pee where you can't stand."
9. I would tile my bathroom floor and be featured in Dwell magazine.
10. I would click "Last Minute Deals" on travelocity and then go wherever they said.

If I could...

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  1. I love that you love Brooke Fraser! Ma gurl from NZ! I totally know someone who knows someone who knows her. How did you discover her?


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