The Post About Being in Labor for 5 Days

That's true for me every week.

Except this week.

I'm on vacation. Hopefully you're enjoying this Labor Day in the comfort of breathable cotton while eating something carb-heavy.

While I'm gone, I thought we might do a few past posts that I either enjoyed writing or enjoyed your response to them...


Originally posted April 23, 2009

The Post About One Day Too Long

Today you get a small glimpse into my daily. Truthfully, you have front row seats for that show anytime you stumble upon this blog, but I decided to do it with intention. I let Sammy the Samsung capture a few moments so you can see what unfolds in a typical day.

I generally wake up at 7am to their faces - Matt and Meredith of the Today show. I find other morning programs to be more annoying than necessary, but Al Roker can prompt that feeling in a new york minute. This is my vanity at the height of scurrying. My alarm clock is the one clock that's 6 minutes fast to remind me to keep moving. Would you like me to explain the sense of that? I would need to refer you to Jan and Chuck's Rabbits because it seems to be a result of parental logic and not real logic.

After a 20 minute commute of good driving, I find myself at my lovely nonprofit where I plan events and market great things like adoption. It's a risky job. It includes an elevator that speaks to you through tremors and labored cranking that it might not kill you to skip the danish in the breakroom. It includes a telephone that rings with consumers who didn't see that line about a silly deadline or who think adoption can help grow their business. It finally includes a little addiction called Outlookism. Hi, my name is Jamie.

At lunch, I always seem to have a craving for Old Navy. Most days, I don't indulge. But today, my internal organs rallied and practically drove the car. I left with a snazzy canvas tote, little lovebug pajamas for my new college-roommate-niece Isabella, and something springy for myself. The US economy will stay on the straight and narrow if my reproductive organs have any say in the matter. And they do.

The other important of my job is what fuels it. There's passion for the struggling, but the real fuel comes in the form of coffee, other liquids, and some carby goodness. I included the pic of the water as proof that I do choose it on occasion. And this frozen Cheese and Spinach melt from CPK was delightful. And I've tried a lot of frozen.

After work, I headed to church for mid-week services. I choose the downstairs gathering because hanging out with youth keeps you young and upstairs someone often plays an organ and they tend to vote on things - these things specifically get you old. Joseph, minister to students, shows pictures of things that make him laugh, which make most others head tilt and eye roll. He always redeems himself when he opens up the Bible. Good message. Afterwards, I continued a fight with Shawn, my minister of worship, who had talked inappropriately (there's a better word...) about Earth Day on his facebook. I "accidentally" ran into our pastor in the hall and decided to get him fired. It was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, my pastor is more like God in the ways of mercy than in the ways of open the earth and swallow those goobers whole. So I keyed his car**.

Finally, I arrived at my cozy home and consumed a PB&J, nutty buddy bar, and an Anthropologie catalog. I settled in with the blogosphere and Jon Stewart before calling it a day well lived.

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?

**I didn't key his car.

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