The Post About Go West Young Woman

Hope is Coming
Last week, I rose out of the storms and humidity of Alabama and adventured to California for eight days.

Golden Gate Bridge
Eight days filled with sights and sounds and tastes of one of my favorite states.

Presidio Perspective
You can argue the left coast will eventually fall into the ocean as a result of faults that shift right or morals that shift into the crapper.

Crookedest View
Either way, you should book your ticket.

Sunset over Golden Gate Bridge
It's one gorgeous place.

Corner of Alli and Cari and Lombard
My fellow fighters of the San Francisco hills and the Los Angeles smog were Alli and Caryann. They require more discussion.

Stories to follow...

{images: Jamie}

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  1. That was a teaser. But I guess when you blog everyday you have to pace yourself. :o)


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