The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v. 34

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**Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition**


This post comes to you while I'm several thousand feet in the air probably staring at someone. I've packed several books, including Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide. This is not your typical vacation fare, but it's perfect for anyone who plans meetings, corporate events, fundraising affairs, or conferences. It's also not too shabby if you're simply planning a big party in your living room. I'm hunkering down in coach with this and a shiny legal pad and aim to plan.


I'm not really a buyer of movies. I just checked my DVD "pile" and I own the following: Mary Poppins, Twilight, Finding Nemo, and The Star Wars trilogy. That's it. However, I am a HUGE fan of renting movies. And the term "renting" has taken a new turn since Netflix, and RedBox and now my newest pleasure - iTunes movie rentals. For $2.99-$3.99, I can rent a fabulous flick to be enjoyed from the widescreen of Bugs, my iPhone. The Good Shepherd and the Gooder Matt Damon will be joining me on my flight to California.


While on the left coast, I'll be connecting with one of my favorite people...Robert Pattinson Cari. She and Dale host a snazzy morning show on an even snazzier radio station. And no matter where you are in the US, you can indulge in their lovely by listening online. You can also get your fix by listening to this recent conversation I had with them about needing to sell Bugs because of poor people. (It's about 3 mins)


  1. Jamie,

    My trip to San Fran was cancelled but I do remember my journey there last yr. Have fun! I love Netflix and the redbox. I haven't tried renting from Itunes but it sounds good. BTW if you ever want to sell "Bugs" let me know I need to upgrade :-) Be safe!

  2. Your audio clips don't work for me anymore. And that was particularly disappointing to me this time because I do love to hear my own voice.


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