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I'm a baker. And by "baker" I mean I don't really don't cook in any other format, so I've christened myself a "baker." But know I use the term loosely. I've been inspired by so many sites on the internets, but none more than Bakerella. I love that she's from the South (where sugar and butter are reigning queens) and isn't a professional. But you would never know the latter by visiting her site. Her cake pops will change your life. Yes, boys - change-your-life.

I've previously professed my love for Joel McHale from The Soup. He takes all the contagion found on reality shows and exposes them for their real comedy. He has a new scripted show on NBC called Community. I watched the pilot this week and really liked it (see below). Even more than the season premiere of my beloved "The Office." Any show that can channel the greatness of "The Breakfast Club" should be given a fair chance.


I did it. I watched Whitney Houston on the Oprah premiere. Oprah has a strange hold on me
. I keep thinking if I watch that Dr. Oz will show up on my porch with a basket full of her favorite things. In terms of Whitney, I was probably intrigued to see if "crack was still whack." And apparently it is. She was poised and still has that amazing voice. This song "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" about did me in. Welcome back.


  1. I've seen Bakerella's site before. Something must be wrong now though because it gives an error when I click on your link or even when I google it.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I am absolutely LOVING Bakerella! Thank you for posting that link, she's in my reader now. :D


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