The Post About Dogs Need to Know Their Place

California is a different place than Alabama.

I'll wait for your shock to subside.

People here love their dogs, but there's a line. That line is Oxycleaned away in the Golden State.

Human Food and Pet Food Mixed
I'm sorry, but your Fancy Feast does not get to be on the same aisle as my Cheez-its.

Cold Dog Food
In addition, your food does not get to be kept at a better temperature than my Hot Pockets. Which I never found in this grocery store.

Jelly Belly Dog Food
Even Jelly Belly is in on it. Note, the CLEAR WARNING not to give this to your beloved puppy. It actually tastes like churned up dog biscuits (or mediocre Vietnamese) and YOU should eat it, but not Fido.

Hotel Puppies
These are just two of the gorgeous dogs we met at our Beverly Hills hotel. Bright eyes, silky coats, and easygoing demeanors. BUT THEY WERE ON OUR ELEVATOR. And seemed inconvenienced when we wanted to ride. Umm, no.

However, we did see this:
Dog Instructions
But don't be fooled. There's no similar instruction for humans when they go potty on the streets or hills of Los Angeles. And it happens. Believe me.

Final thought: Anything or anyone who would eat the poo you are scooping up should not get equal rights.

What about you? Do you treat your pet better than necessary?

{images: Jamie}


  1. WOW. Yikes. Yeah, I have a cat but she will always be a CAT and have CAT-RIGHTS and no more as long as she lives in our house!

  2. My dogs are better behaved than most children nowadays. They throw a welcome home party for me even when I just go check the mail and they listen to everything I have to say. They may not understand everything but they look me in the eye and smile. They are wonderful, faithful companions - better than the guy I divorced.

  3. Ruff ruff , ruff, ruff- ruff-ruff!
    Bark bark!
    (whimper, whimper)
    grrr ruff,ruff

  4. Well some people like to think their animals will make it into heaven too, but we all know your feelings on that subject =)

    When Adam and Jordan got their new puppy, Ellie, the entire family had to go over and meet her. It was almost like they had their first child. Ridiculous? I don't think so.


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