The Post About What's Adorable for Some...

Rubber Band Wrist
A rubber band wrist on a baby is absolutely delicious.

A rubber band wrist on an adult is a sign of an imminent coronary.

I need to start working out. Or aging backwards.

{image: Jamie}


  1. Oh, my goodness!! I'm so glad that you left Bella with one hand so that we could see adorable pictures like this. I'll send you a pic of Elizabeth's thighs. Apparently, her legs are the warehouse for Breakstone cottage cheese. Also, a look only adorable on the very, very young.

  2. Jamie, you are the cutest ever.

    You know what's not fair? It's regarded as adorable when small children attack their food. They could have a face covered in spaghetti and every adult is giggling at how cute it is.

    If I do that - it means I'm paying for my own food and date isn't likely to stick around for dessert.

  3. J: I would absolutely want to munch on a pic of your little one's chunkiness!

    S: Struggle is all around us.

    T: :-)


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