The Post About Monkey See, Monkey Bread

One of my favorite blogs ever, The Pioneer Woman, is teaching me how to cook.

Slowly, but surely.

This week, I will show you my attempt at Monkey Bread. A delicacy including two of life's treasures - butter and carbs.

This was an easy breeezy recipe. Only 5 ingredients.

Monkey Bread Butter
Hello, lover. Oh my, there are two of you.

Monkey Bread Syrup
Brown sugar to sweeten up that delicious pool of artery stuffing.

Monkey Bread Biscuit Quarters
Quartered biscuits lying in wait.

Moneky Bread Appetizers
No where in the recipe instructions did it call for me to start eating these little nuggets of goodness.

Spoiler Alert:

Monkey Bread Drowning
The remaining biscuits were drowned in the butterybrownsugary lovely. They did not struggle.

Monkey Bread Golden
Baked and upside down. Begging to be consumed, not shared.

Monkey Bread Gone
But I did share.

The array of platters available to me was limited. So my gambling plate made its first appearance at church.

Also, in the time it took me to turn around and grab my camera, the ravenous Christ followers were already thinking of naptime.

Pastor Ryan's Monkey Bread recipe (PDF)

{images: Jamie}


  1. I've been thinking about Monkey Bread ever since I tasted it the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday: chilly Fall day in B'ham, at a LOST premeire party. Thank for your service to our community.

  2. Monkey bread was my mom's signature slumber party breakfast dish. When I would invite friends over they would ask, "Is your mom making monkey bread?" That may have been the only reason my "friends" hung out with me.

  3. C: I do what I can.

    WAI: I had "friends" like that. Loved me for my Mom's sausage balls.

  4. I am laughing INCREDIBLY HARD right now because you just admitted to taking a gambling platter to a church function! You are so funny Jamie...and only YOU could get away with that!

  5. Oh...and the monkey bread does look deliciously appetizing! :-)

  6. I laughed out loud that your gambling plate made an appearance at church. BINGO! :)

    That looks so SO good.

  7. That looks DELICIOUS! I also have a cooking blog, so I'll be sure to post this once I've made it. :D


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