The Post About The Importance of Fonts

I love my job.

How can you not love work that seats you at a desk with this necessary work tool:
Jelly Bean Dispenser
As a result of this steady sugar supply, I can be a bit obsessive. Particularly when it comes to fonts.

I know what you're thinking. Aren't there more important things to fixate on at your job, like budgets or strategic plans or orphans finding homes?

Sure, whatever. But fonts are very important too.

Times New Roman.

Boo. You stink.
I hate you.

Eager Naturalist.

Great for casual events and making parenting seem like a breeze.



Probably not the best name for the kid-friendly font I used for my summer camp.


Ratty Tatty.

This was the official font for my social worker conference this year - a group who can sometimes be more particular than 10-year-olds away from home and strung out on candy.

I had decided if anyone at the conference upset me that I would call them a
"ratty tatty" under my breath. As a stress reliever.

Who knew that
"ratty tatty" is defined by the Urban Dictionary as "when a broad is skankily slutty and everybody knows it."

Maybe I did.

{image: Jamie}

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  1. My all time favorite font is wingdings 1, 2, and 3. There are so many possibilities...

  2. I too am a fan of the fun characters that can pop up in a serious document.

  3. What the Font are you talking about? Haven't heard the term "Broad" in years..I think it was coined back in the 50's. That would be an interesting question to ask some of our younger peeps..Whats a "broad"?

    PS Just looked it up on urbandictionary.com

    "A term originated in the 1930's meaning woman; derived from the fact that the most defining characteristic of all females are their hips, which are proportionally wider than the hips of their male counterparts"

  4. I learn a new phrase..."ratty-tatty". I like that. I'm not one myself but I have met a few. Love the fonts.


  5. S: Me too.

    CB: I like that you took this post and ran with it!

    AotMC: Now you know exactly what to mutter when you see them again...

  6. I love picking fonts that are perfect for the occasion. I've been doing a lot of invitations for parties that we've helped host, and it's so much fun to see what you can put together.

  7. Hello. My name is Mrs. Dustbunnyhostage and I am representing Times New Roman in a civil suit against you for the slander and defamation of this font. My client believes that he...she...it has been unfairly portrayed by your blog. My client also enclosed this personal message to you...

    Dear Jamie,

    I've been big for you, I've been small for you. I been every color of the rainbow for you. You have fonted for nothing when you were with me.


    Times New Roman


    Have a great weekend!

  8. KB: I love that you love fonts too!

    J: I hereby request Times New Roman to bite me. I will representing myself in this case.

  9. I love poornut myself!

    ratty tatty...would have never guessed that meaning. May become a part of my under-the-breath vocab also.

  10. R: You can think of me every time you utter that phrase. Or not.

  11. Ratty-tatty. I shall have to remember that one! :D

  12. N: You'll be surprised how many times it will come to mind...


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