The Post About New Television Romances

My last post generated some passionate discussion about shows I was dumping from my television relationships. Let's just say most folks think Gregory deserves a second chance.

And my mother is adamant on wanting to know who Ted procreates with on How I Met Your Mother or she's bailing. I'm definitely sticking with it because it's legen -waitforit- dary.

Here are a list of brand spankin' new shows that have taken my exes' place on the TiVo timer list:

1. Glee: I'm a gleek in the best possible way. It makes me want to sing Journey songs and throw slushies at coworkers.
2. Flash Forward: I love a show I cannot understand without watching it twice and taking notes. Plus, many Lost actors can be found here. This will make my grief and loss more bearable come Spring.
3. Modern Family: Filmed in the mockumentary style I adore, this show puts the fun back in dysfunction.
4. The Good Wife: It has Carol Hathaway and Mr. Big and Logan Huntzberger and Dan Rydell. Plus, really good scripts.
5. Community: Joel McHale can do no wrong. Especially when you pair him with kooky characters comparable to Mankini and Lou from The Soup.

So bring it. What new shows do you heart that I should heart too?


  1. I need to invest in Tivo. I'm tired of waiting for everything to come out on DVD.

    Flash Forward looks AMAZING but, the only thing I can manage to watch religiously (and by religiously I mean at a set time once a week) is 30 Rock.

    Logan Huntzberger ftw.

  2. I haven't watched any of these shows. Glee looks good but I haven't tuned in yet.

    I like Drop Dead Diva but I've missed a LOT of that show. It may be one that I buy the boxed set of if it comes out on DVD.

    My ABSOLUTE favorite show on television is Project Runway. I can't miss it!

  3. Umm, the halls of Dickey Dorm are still resonnating with the way you (and Angie) belted out Journey (okay, maybe it was the Mariah Carey version...but it was Open Arms nonetheless), so I have no doubt that Glee has this effect on you. I love the show, but holy cow, we don't have any time for any new shows. I'm going to start DVR'ing it to see if I can fit it in my week. I can't let go of Top Chef, and Big Bang Theory is made of funny (as is Chuck Lorre's vanity card at the end of every show.)

  4. S: TiVo, ftw.

    Jennifer: I heart DDD & Tim Gunn too! Go Carol Hannah or hottie Logan!

    J: Children ruin TV watching with their schedules and lack of taste. I LOVE Lorre's endings too! I didn't know they were at the end of Big Bang Theory. Another addition to my TiVo.


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