The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.40

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.


If you like to visit multiple blogs or websites, you might want to try subscribing to their RSS Feeds. I use Google Reader (thanks to a suggestion by Scott Crews) and subscribe to 90. All the feeds of that HUGE number empty into my easy breezy feed reader when anything new is published. No need to visit 90 websites everyday just checking to see if there is a new post about cupcakes or picture of a cowboy. On my blog, you can do this by clicking on the orange RSS symbol on the right sidebar. This will direct you through the process of setting up a free “feed reader” account.


There are lot of things great about Birmingham, Alabama. Divine food, great music venues and lots of monogramming shops. But there is a darker side to my favorite city. Robin Williams exposes it at his most recent show in the Salty 'Ham. Learn more about this dark figure of whom he speaks.


So You Think You Can Dance is already back reminding me that I actually cannot crunk. But the good news is a whole new season of discovering music that will steal my heart and my savings. JJ Heller's Your Hands was featured on a recent audition episode. I now own two of her albums.


  1. Cool. Google reader does make it easier to read but harder to comment. Like it anyway!

  2. Robin Williams rocks and he doesn't even know LaLa.

  3. OMW!!! I was at the Robin Williams show!! We loved it!!! The best performance I have ever seen. I've seen quite a few too.


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