The Post About the AT&T Albatross

I got my first cell phone when I was moving away to college more than 15 years ago. My BellSouth plan was 20 anytime minutes per month for $29.99. I never went over.

BellSouth begat Cingular which begat AT&T which
begat my sad face.

That face is a result of dropped calls, poor coverage, and customer service reps who often try but cannot do.

But I could leave the AT&T playground and take my toys with me. All the toys but this one:

And I love this toy the most. I love it too much to leave.

So I will linger here in telecommunication purgatory until Verizon can break through to the other side.

Or until AT&T gets their STINKIN' ACT TOGETHER.

I hope this call has been recorded for quality assurance.


  1. I'm just glad you finally admit defeat. I will remain a happy Verizon customer while you sulk.

  2. C: That was more gracious than I expected.

    SaLC: Not so much.

  3. I agree Jamie ... However, I will not bash the a with t and t ... mainly because all telecommunications are of the devil. So, remember you can't spell "evil" without letters from Verizon Wireless - so there.

  4. BJP: Very well said. I feel as though you can only make fun of AT&T when you're WITH AT&T. Sorta like when you make fun of Alabama - you must be from there.


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