The Post About Gifts for Baking Fools

I gave you gift ideas for bookish folk. Now it's time for those who live and die by the 350 degree oven.

This is a quick list with some less-than-brilliant commentary about some must-haves for the baker in your life.

Cupcake Courier: I received this from my Mommy Dearest and it's a cupcake diva's best friend. Plus, take out the shelves and you can tote a Turkey to your next party. And you should do that - best hostess gift ever. Amazon - $29.99.

Mixing and Prep Bowl Set: Speaking of my adorable mom...Washed out margarine containers do not count as mixing bowls, MOTHER. These come in fun colors and are BPA-free which means no one grows an extra ear from eating your macaroons. Sur La Table - $29.95.

Pac-Man Hothead Pot Holder: This combines my love for avoiding ghosts and burn safety. Neatorama - $14.95

Easy Accent Decorator: I despise pastry bags like other people despise crime and pestulence. This little tool was my salvation. It has 6 tips and you can store the good stuff in the fridge. You can even use it to fill up deviled eggs and distract people from the fact that you just added condiments to the inside of an egg and called it an appetizer. Pampered Chef - $19.50

Food Network Magazine Subscription: All the network's snazzy chefs like Ina, Giada, Paula, Sunny and the Neely's are gathered in these pages to share the best of the best. Plus, there are pictures of Tyler Florence. Hearst Magazines- $5.00 (for a short time)

4-Tier Stacked Dessert Tower: When you slave and get powdered sugar stuck in places you didn't know you had, you want to brag. This tower perfectly showcases even the most irritating of desserts. Meijer - $15.99

Matted Print: Inspired by a World War II poster of the British government "Keep Calm and Carry On." This is much more fun and involves no real perseverance. It comes in 7 colors and ships free. Everyday is a Holiday - $22.00

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: It's the dream. I would make out with the FedEx guy who delivered this to my house. Amazon - $212.99-299.99 (depending on which of the 26 colors you pick).

Any other snazzy recommendations?

{Rabbit Disclaimer: I was not compensated to endorse any of these products or vendors. But they could if they wanted to.}


  1. Just for the Pac Man potholder, I owe you thanks. Rather, I do, but my wallet does not. I heart my KitchenAid; it was really the best Christmas EVER.

  2. KO: He's adorable - he would love to live at your house!

  3. I so heart my kitchen aid mixer!!!


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