The Post About How To Use "Xmas" and Still Go to Heaven

Christmas Ornament Letter J
My favorite ornament. Is it bad that it's not a cross?

Christmas Snowman Candle
My coffee table centerpiece. Is it bad that it's not a nativity?

Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake
My holiday food of choice. Is it bad that it's not a communion wafer and a shot of grape juice?

I also use the term "Xmas" for shorthand. Am I taking the Christ out of Christmas?

My concern is this. If you doubt my love for God when I use the term "Xmas," aren't I doing something wrong the rest of the year? Shouldn't you be able to recognize my faith by the life I live and not just by word substitutions?

Aren't we supposed to be the "Christ" in Xmas by practicing patience when we drive and stand in long lines? Honoring God when we buy gifts that don't put us in debt and are given with a cheerful heart? Loving those who know us and those who don't?

If I'm going to pick a side in any battle, it will be the one fighting to end the AIDS epidemic or the one trying to get clean water to those who don't have it.

I'd even be willing to side with those trying to introduce folks to the person of Christ, rather than just the word causing all the kerfuffle.

Anybody else have an opinion on the matter?

{images: Jamie}


  1. I use "Xmas" from time to time. I think I'm still safe from the flames of "H-E-Double Hockey sticks".

    Also, no Christmas is complete without Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. Hmmm, I wonder if there's a connection to the numerous cakes I ate last Christmas and the re-gain of some of the weight I'd lost in 2008? It's a mystery. I guess I'll never know.

  2. To really be honest, it isn't mine or anyone's place to say if something is or isn't going to hell. That is God's! However, what's so big about typing five more letters? Your already typing four ... and your proclaiming the promise that came to save us all!

    Just my two cents ...

    PS ... it is sometimes hard to "see" ones life though this thing called the internet ...

  3. People always fight for the wrong things. I'm in complete agreement with you on this one lady.

    This world is riddled with pain and suffering. I don't understand the logic some people use when picking their battles.

  4. Ha. My own snippy, sarcastic analysis of Xmas can be found at: http://www.scottcrews.com/2009/11/25/putting-christ-back-in-xmasexcept-that-he-never-left/

  5. SS: I like that a church minister stays focused on the Little Debbie treat.

    BJP: You are dead-on re: the hell determination. No pun intended. My counter would simply be that I'm still proclaiming the promise when I type Xmas, no? I really heart a good discussion - thank you for no fear!

    S: Let's hope folks who are riled up about "Xmas" are riled about the pain & suffering too. Then, we've got my kind of fight on our hands.

    SaLC: Umm...your story is the best. I love how Xians are sometimes God's worst enemy. See how I used "Xians" there just to keep us talking.

  6. I've heard about and read about the Greek letter X ... and I say wonderful! A lot of people, especially Americans, don't realize there are other places where people live and not to mention those places have more history. :) I'll submit this in RE: I'm not Greek

    But now I'm just bantering ...

  7. Thanks for this Jamie! I was just typing something on Twitter the other day and was going to say Xmas & did not for fear that I would be accused of taking Christ out of Christmas.

    For those of you who don't do twitter leaving out those five letters could allow another word or two to fit in my tweet.

  8. Have a Merry X-mas and enjoy some delicious X-mas tree cakes.

  9. I feel I must now say that I'm just playing advocatus diaboli (wink) because I'm just trying to be a promotor fidei or one could even say advocatus Dei

    But now that is just semantics

  10. BJP: Other places have more history than us? Wh-wh-at?

    M: You are right that all 140 characters are extra valuable.

    LM: More X-mas cakes the merrier.

  11. I am of the opinion that the whole idea of X being equivalent to the greek chi, and representing Christ in that way.

    It's like anything else - if you think you can judge my belief (or disbelief) based on shorthand, or what I eat, or what I wear, or how I decorate, then more power to you, but that's not how I've chosen to live or worship.

    Not that I climb on my soapbox about that or anything. Not me.

  12. I'm just so proud of your use of the word "kerfuffle".

  13. I'm conflicted over Christmas. One half of me wants to use it to help remember and celebrate the birth of Christ, because that's what has been touted my whole life. The other half of me realizes that Christmas is not a "real" religious holiday. It is not really when Christ was born (it is believed he was born in October), there is no commandment to celebrate his birth, and Christmas really began as a farce created by the Roman Catholic church to counter the pagan celebration of the winter solstice. It actually originally was a raucous celebration in the streets with drunken costumed celebrations and gambling (like most of our championship playoffs here in the states!) It is a weird mixture of Christian and pagan rituals and beliefs, and it has evolved many times over the centuries into different things in different countries.

    The spiritual heart of me wants to make it into something about Christ, but the logical side of me knows that isn't true. So instead I settle somewhere in the middle: it's a time to remember the birth of Christ and celebrate his life, but it is mostly just a time of goodwill and family and love and pretty sparkly lights.

  14. You can no longer say that I'm your only friend who says xmas (o.m.g-ness I didn't even capitalize it) isn't Biblical. Next time you come to visit, we're going back to our roots and celebrating pagan-style!

  15. During times of Christian persecution, it became necesary to use X as a substitute for the word Christ in communications. (Please refer to the 12 days of Christmas song which is full of religious symbolism) If it was good enough for them, it should be for us as well. I only use X when I am writing notes that no one else will read. When I am typing, it takes no more time to type Christmas than to try and find and capitalize that X. I don't think you should be concerned until you feel compelled to tell people you are a Xian.

  16. KO: Well said. Soapboxes can be risky for sure!

    MD: EVERY time I use that word (which is often) I think of you. Seriously.

    nfmg: The middle is sometimes the most appropriate place to settle!

    C: I look forward to gambling while chestnuts roast on an open fire.

    Mom: Good to know you have some pagan leanings...

  17. I think Xmas is a wonderful time of family, love and giving! I know I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I like abbreviations and never even thought that Xmas would be taken in a negative way!

  18. A: Judaism does not preclude you from an opinion. Jesus was Jewish.


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