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Amazon offers these great deals on magazine subscriptions ALL the time (Rabbit fans on Facebook find out as soon as I find out.) I tried out Ready Made on one such occasion. Worth every penny. It's a do-it-yourself magazine for young people and I've decided I still fall into that category. You can get or give your own 1-year subscription for only $6.97 at Amazon. You can also preview the current issue online.


I know we all have those movies we love to watch during the holidays - Elf, It's A Wonderful Life, or the required marathon of A Christmas Story. Mine has always been White Christmas. I grew up in a house with 4 channels and the late 80's brought one more - FOX. Choices were limited. So I grew to love this holiday flick initially out of desperation. I now love the great romance of Bing and Rosemary that plays out between some amazing musical numbers. Plus, who can hold it together when General Waverly walks in and see his old division singing "We'll Follow The Old Man." Stop it.


My ADD requires music playing in the background at all times. Especially at dinner parties. It can't be too soft so I get distracted by trying to hear and not too loud so I start dancing. One of my favorite artists to throw in the mix is Michael Bublé. He's a little Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald without the privilege of being biracial. He has a new-ish album "Crazy Love" which includes this song "Haven't Met You Yet."

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  1. Elf is a MUST... year round. I love that movie!

    Going to check out the online version of the magazine now.

    Have a great week!


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