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Fortune Teller's Tell
This was such a fun giveaway. I asked for your Rabbit Reader Recommendations and they came fast and fierce.

I'm ready to read new books and buy more music and start watching Tru Blood. Can there be too many vampires in one girl's life?

I wanted to share one favorite that Randomizer did not choose but I wanted you to see it...

"As I got sober in the last year, hearing the stories of those in the rooms of AA. That has been the best experience, strength and hope that I can break out of my former lifestyle and turn over a new leaf. In those rooms I learned how to be a lady and not a drunk. I learned how to be a good mother and better wife. 10 months ago I was in jail and today I am a homeowner, student, I run AA meetings along with my husband and life is better!"

Inspiring, huh?

And the lucky winner is...

"The best thing I heard this year is Jason Mraz. I love his music. He sings through his heart and soul."

Congrats! Email me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your bounty!

{image: Jamie}

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