The Post About Facebook Blunders

I love good manners.

I love knowing how to set a place setting.

I love wedding invitations that are not e-vites.

I love emails that are not IN ALL CAPS and include punctuation marks.

But many do not love good manners. Especially when it comes to Facebook. And sadly, some of those people are my friends.

Albeit, their posts are likely hidden.

Here's a quick and easy guide to keeping your friends from hiding you.

Tagging Under The Influence

The influence is called hatefulness. If you tag pictures of folks that are clearly from a bad angle and in bad lighting and their eyes are half-closed, then you're hateful. I shall call your tag and raise you a remove tag.

Passive Aggressive Updates

I understand conflict is inevitable in life. However, put on your big girl pants and deal with it directly with the person. No one thinks you’re artistic or cool when you say things like “Your flaming always burns me and I hate you.” No one except other passive aggressive people.

Major Announcement Fail

If I find out my brother died because my Mom thought it was easier to let everyone know via a status update, then I’m not giving the eulogy. Same goes for weddings and pregnancies. Your closest friends, who are probably not the same people as the ones who just gave you turnips on Farmville, should find out major changes in your life from you personally.

Potty Mouth

One day, you will want a reference or a date or a job or a home or something nice in your life. And the person who will be able to give it to you will not have been amused by your &%#@! language. Calm down.

Mass Messages

It’s actually not the mass message that’s the problem. It’s those of you who reply to all of us to say “K.” Stop it.

Religious Persecution

I love God. Hopefully that’s evident by the life I live. However, some feel inclined to threaten me by posting status updates like “If you really loved God, you would not be ashamed to proclaim it like 90% of the pagans on FB.” They'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love.

Application Excess

I will not be faulting you for Bejeweling or fighting the Mafia or discovering which Twilight character you are because I hide those applications from updating in my feed. Carry on.

And now one for Facebook.

Silly Suggestions

Please do not assume I need to reconnect with Mark. I talked to him IN PERSON last night. Plus, he’s too busy figuring out what type of drag queen he is to reply to my wall posts.

Do you have any Facebook pet peeves?


  1. Facebook blunders...hehe. This is one of my favorite post!

  2. Thank you! I go through each application and game I see and hide updates except for the couple of things I actively play. I even took the extra step (gasp!) of making the games I do play not update without my permission, so I can be selective.

    And no, my mom will not find out when I find myself in the family way one day via Facebook status. I will totally send her a private message first.

    The Facebook suggestion thing? I sometimes want to say "That Person was mean to me in high school, why on earth would I want to connect with them?"

  3. L: I'm glad you like...I felt it.

    KO: I like that you're leaving your family planning to personal FB messages :-) Ditto on the meanies!

  4. This should be required reading for everyone GETTING a FB acocunt!

  5. A---JAT: I agree there should be some sort of orientation. And then probationary period.

  6. great list. i can't believe that lists like this are necessary (but they totally are) :)

  7. Jamie you are spot on with this one. I hate scrolling through page after page of people who bought a new cow or fed thier fish, or like you said want to shame you into reposting something about God on your status. I use to get emails that told horror stories of people who didn't have time to forward a prayer or something crazy like that or if you pass this on to 10 people in 15 minutes you will recieve a blessing. Also Amen on the potty mouth especially since alot of folks on FB are from Westwood..Great post!

  8. One of my biggest pet peeves:
    Suspending the use of basic English just because you're typing. It is 'THE' not 'tha'. Ohhh the worst is the letter 'n' instead of the word 'and'... if you're really SO busy that you can't type the 'A' and the 'D' in 'AND' then GET OFF FACEBOOK.

    I constantly get the overbearing Mama Facebook nags to reconnect with my boyfriend and it drives us both nuts. I want to send them an e-mail and be like "Dear Facebook, I haven't written on his wall because we're sharing walls right now... you know like IN PERSON, SO GET OFF MY BACK."

  9. I couldn't agree w/ you more Jamie. Facebook has mastered the art of digital bullying to a "T".

  10. We have an ENTIRE conversation about proper word usage and then you decide to rebel against it. See "Passive Aggressive Updates". I call fowl.

  11. lms: It is quite sad that you must guide through what should be common sense :-)

    CB: Boo to the potty mouths who are also grammatically incorrect!

    l: Amen.

    AVL: Boo to digital bullies!

    C: It was a misspelling and I fixed it. This just proves you're meaner than me. It does.

  12. Haha, these are all so true!!

    It also bugs me when people invite ALL of their friends to events. I'm sorry, but I will not be attending your event two thousand miles away. I guess they are trying to be inclusive, but it bugs me. Kind of goes to the whole "mass message" thing. I'm not opposed to being messaged or invited in a group, but it should at least be a selected group, taking things like geography into account.

  13. C: Ditto about the cross-country invites!

    N: We have church on here every so often, no?

  14. Love it!! Too true. I hide ALL application statuses. Drive. Me. Crazy.

  15. Great ones! BTW, I have not visited your site in a LONG time, and I love the new look.

  16. R: Glad my rant is being vindicated.

    J: Thank you dear! I haven't visited your blog in too long too - JJ Heller was playing when I arrive - I love her so much!

  17. I think I might love you lol! A friend and I were just discussing the other day that it's super annoying to be invited to all of a persons events via Facebook invites!

    I am guilty of the Facebook announcement (but all close friends and family knew before the Facebook announcement of my pregnancy so I think I'm in the clear. Also I do enjoy a few games but I rarely post things about it. I hope I can be forgiven for my sins lol.


  18. S@SSS: The affection is mutual!

  19. "by our love." AMEN!!

    I've read Facebook rants that annoy me, even using the phrase I could just kill so and so. Certain things you should save for your journal.

  20. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for giveaways.  It's a pretty mild addiction and doesn't usually cost anything, and can be pretty mindless most of the time.  I started reading some of your non-giveaway posts when I noticed your "Popular Rabbits", like this one and the beach photo post, and I just love your blog.  It was a long, stressful day today, and your witty, funny and insights are just fun to read.  I will definitely come back not just for giveaways.  :))


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