The Post About The Grand Gorge

I'm headed to the Grand Canyon in September and would love any advice from those who've been there. And done that.

Suggestions from my friend Joseph and my initial thoughts.

  • Stay on Route 66 as much as possible. Makes me think of Lightning McQueen.
  • Meteor Crater. Makes me think of Mighty Mouse.
  • Sedona / Red Rocks. Makes me think of John Tesh.
  • Eat at restaurants that aren't franchised. Makes me think about not eating at restaurants with foods in the name.
  • Stand on a corner in Winslow, AZ. Makes me think of Police Academy.
  • White water raft the Colorado. Makes me think of Deliverance.
  • Drive. Makes me think "no."
  • Don't fly. Makes me think "heck no."
So what's your rabbit advice?

Michael McDonough}


  1. Don't Fall Off.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  2. Definitely don't take a bus tour! You can catch a shuttle bus inside the park and that way you can stay at the different looking spots as long as you want.

    I've been a couple of times. The first time, we took the train in from Williams, AZ. It was pretty cool. But... if I did that again I would plan to stay overnight and ride the train back the next day.

  3. Just do not do what my Grandmother did when we got there. She walked up to the edge and said, "yep, it is a big hole in the ground. Let's go!" My family went when I was little. I remember it was pretty but not much else. I would love to go back!

  4. The one thing I can say about the first time I saw it was that "Grand" did not even begin to describe it. It's one of the best things God ever created.

  5. MH: You should never resist the urge to be funny!

    S: Great advice - gracias!

    TS: Hehe. I will try to be more amazed than that.

    JG: Yay!!!


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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