The Post About Lost: The Series Finale Shindig

I said the Losties would gather, and we did.

I hosted a small gathering of some folks who are willing to go overboard for a television show.

Just in case it comes up - those are generally my favorite people on the planet.

New Recruit Orientation
I like to set the mood.

Dharma Ad
And inform.

Island Tablescape
And create an appropriate island tablescape. Take that - Sandra Lee.

Black Rock
The Black Rock pirate ship. I'm sure it's scaled perfectly.

Numbers Cake Pops
The mystery numbers in the form of
Bakerella's cake pops.

Boar Meatballs
Wild boar meatballs thanks to

Smoke Monster
That smoke monster might make you pee your PJ's a little when you run into it the next morning on the way to the coffee maker.

I'm guessing, of course.

Not Penny's Boat
Party Tip #23: Decorations should hit every room. Especially where guests may sit a spell.

Speaking of guests...

Man in Black and Danielle
Man in Black and Danielle.

Daniel Faraday
Daniel Faraday.

Kate, Smoke Monster and Megan
Kate Austen, Smoke Monster, and Megan.

Christian Shephard
Dr. Christian Shephard.

Crazy Claire, Squirrel Baby and Charlotte
Claire and Charlotte.


Sun and Jin (less Asian)
Sun and Jin
(our version is from the general South, rather than South Korea.)

Baby Aaron

Charlie, Claire, and Aaron
Aaron, Charlie, and Claire. Not pictured: Claire's axe.

Sawyer's Mixtape
Every party needs a favor, that's why we created you.

You can catch up on Lost by watching all previous seasons at Hulu. Or you can come to my house. We can whip up some crazy eclairs.

And that smoke monster isn't going anywhere.

{images: Jamie}


  1. I would like to watch the last episode!! I watched a few shows this season, but not all! :(

  2. Not pictured - Jamie as Eloise

  3. . . and you made a fabulous Eloise.

    I'm going to miss Lost something awful but, at least we went out on a high note! You're amazing Jamie!!

  4. TS: Start from the beginning of the season and work your way up to it :-)

    kk: She's elusive.

    S: You're pretty snazzy yourself.

  5. Where are the pictures of you as Eloise??? I would say that Joseph won for being crazy, but then I saw how "on par" Ben's costume was, but THEN I saw how perfectly AWESOME Jem and her family represent our favorite Aussies. Way to go on the costumes ya'll! But Jem totally wins.

  6. I'm so jealous I wasn't invited to said shindig, but I am proud of how hard we worked to watch all 102 episodes in record time so my friend and I could watch the final season live with the rest of the world.

  7. C: Eloise is quite elusive.

    MD: You SHOULD have been invited - I'm not good with knowing who watches and who doesn't. Next party - you are there!

  8. LoB: You're pretty cool too!


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