The Post About My Dad Not Loving Me Through Travel

My coworker Amanda is in New York.

This is because her father called her up one day and said "Let me take you somewhere fun, like New York." And she said "Okay."

And now they're watching Broadway shows and eating delicacies and seeing the sights.

Do you know where my Dad offers to take me?


That's why I don't feel so bad about making him do stuff around my house.

Mudroom Before
This is my mudroom. It serves no purpose. I don't really do mud.

I don't even go out that door since
Lizardgate 2008. But I hate to have wasted space.


Trones who will come to your house for only $39.99. The original intent is shoe storage (holds 6 pairs each) and I encourage you to consider that. But I had other plans.

Cue Dad.

Mudroom During
See the instructions. And the pencil. And the level I didn't even know I owned. He's thorough.

Mudroom After
And thorough-ness leads to Godliness. And it also leads to storage for all my baking needs.

It's not New York, but it's a start.

(images: Jamie}


  1. We should trade dads for a week.

  2. Nice! Can't wait to see them for myself. You're dad and my dad are so great for stuff like that. But I ask my dad to build me a storage bench for my bathroom, from scratch, and not the same dimensions as is on the instructions, because the one I found was wider than I need in my bathroom. I think I make my dad's head hurt:)

  3. Ooh - that's what I need for my mail! I'm a total mail hoarder...it's really bad - I need a hiding place for it. Those look like they'll do the trick!

  4. J: We should not.

    kk: I'm a slightly better daughter than you.

    C: They would be perfecto!

  5. You chased me!!! I am so honored!!

  6. A: I wish I had chased you to New York.

  7. Loving, handy man DadMay 22, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Not my best angle in the snapshot! You are welcome to come with me anytime on a sight-seeing trip to Home Depot. I'll even spring for lunch.

  8. LhmD: I like that your vanity made an appearance in your comment. Don't think I won't take you up on a free lunch :-)


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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