The Post About Single vs. Married v.1

I am single.

Some days I want to be married. I want to be pursued and go on dates and say "yes" to an storybook proposal and set up our engagement television and plan an unforgettable wedding and live happily ever after.

Some days I shudder at the very thought of it.

So in honor of this yin/yang perspective, I've decided to start a feature on being single versus being married. And this is volume 1.

Writing critics would say I have to have a volume 2 in order to have a volume 1, but I can't work with that kind of pressure. For now, you get volume 1.

Believe it or not, this week goes to the marrieds.

You benefit from a little phenomenon known as "Eat as Two, Bring as One."

Married people think when it comes to signing up for an item to bring to a potluck that they only have to bring one item. This is all in spite of the fact they usually eat as two full-functioning adults. And some better halves put bingers to shame.

If you're single, you don't get to bring 50% of a casserole or a half-eaten bag of tortilla chips. Eyes would roll and gossip girls would chatter.

I guess that unity candle has more power than I thought.

Is that fair? Singles? Marrieds? Discuss.

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  1. I've never actually had that thought but you're right. I'm married. I was single until I was 32 so I can definitely see both sides and understand where you're coming from. I can say, though, that the potlucks I've gone to lately have said bring enough to feed your family so I can't really bring single. :)

  2. Well, I blame my parents. When there was a potluck at church did my dad ever take anything? A big fat - NO! My dad NEVER took anything. My mom always took something. ALWAYS! So I learned from her. Just like I learned where the Yellow Pages should be kept - Under the couch where it belongs!!

  3. jh: it's all cute until you're feeding all the couples at your party who are selfish. I'm sorry - I just hyperventilated.

    S: Good for you!

    kk: I like that you can blame your parents like you're on Maury.

  4. I am a married one. Never really went anywhere when I was single (started dating Hubby at 18, got married at 22.) Now I do agree that alot of couples only bring one item, which is not fair. I am the kind of person that never brings just one item. I always go crazy and bring 3-4 items. Hubby never brings anything, so I think I make up for it!!!

  5. SL: Love you and your multiple items. :)

  6. Not fair at all! I'm not married, but when Lance and I go out to those, we each bring at least one item.

  7. KP: And that's why I always invite you to stuff :-)

  8. HEY! Where can I get that cake topper? That's cute!


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