The Post About The Greatest Lighter Ever

This weekend was filled with a few special moments.

1. My friend Samantha needed a Bible recommendation and I suggested the ESV Study Bible. It's the Bible Jesus would use if He needed a refresher.

She rewarded my input with this snazzy magnet.

God Recycles
Check out my thoughts on
what God may actually think about taking care of the planet.

2. Grocery shopping at Publix. The staff are nice and the boy customers are quite fetching. I stumbled on this:

Digestive product
What are Digestive Sweetmeal Biscuits?

3. I'm a firm believer in eating at locally owned restaurants. If I must eat at chains, then I avoid those with food items in the name. (i.e. Chili's).

While downing some great burgers at such a restaurant, a man at another table ordered the
"Blackwell's Behemoth."
Blackwell's Behemoth
It's 64 ounces of heart disease. With a side of fries and onion rings.

4. I saw Eclipse. No picture included to protect my bestie, Kara. She chose not to see the movie because of a minor lust issue she has with vampire Robert Pattinson. She loves her husband of 11 years and tries to honor their vows.

I have made no such vows.

5. I bought this.

Flick my Bic
Now I'll have an appropriate response when someone says "Flick my Bic."

{images: Jamie}


  1. Ah yes the Digestive Sweetmeal Biscuits, very popular in the United Kingdom with tea. Dang that burger makes my tummy hurt just looking at...and I don't even want to think about the calories that would be consumed goodness.

  2. ASA: I wonder if they would be as good with sweet tea?

  3. I love making it into your posts. It makes me feel special. My new Bible is fabulous! I love it so thank you very much for the recommendation =)

  4. I recommend the McVities digestives, especially the ones with chocolate, and then if you add some Nutella on top of that, great joy will ensue.

  5. S: If this is how you can feel special, then so be it.

    K: Well, I just might to have to try this oddly named concoction. I'm all about "great joy."

  6. That burger! That lighter! Are you sure you're not in Texas? lol

    If those "biscuits" are really cookies in disguise, I'm willing to give it a try!

  7. TBR: I was hoping they would taste like cookies, but I think they lean towards puppy treats.


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