The Post About Seven Links You Should Consider

Here are 7 links that new and "seasoned" readers of Jamie's Rabbits may find helpful:
  • A post on someone else’s blog I wish I’d written: Thinking You're Naked at Stuff Christians Like. I have this permanently starred in my Google Reader. I read it whenever I need to remember I'm not naked.
  • A post I wish more people had read: The Post About DG. This was way back when my post titles were slightly illogical. The topic is how you snag music and how I might have a budget issue with iTunes. Not one comment. I might be the only addict out there.
If you're a blogger - consider posting your own "Seven Links" and commenting with your post...

Or just comment without the homework.

Or don't comment at all.

I'm not the boss of you.


  1. omg, LOVE the matching beach photo post. Who wears jeans to the beach? the homeless! buwahahahahaha genius.


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