The Post About Criticizing the Absurd

Camp Collage 2
Today we are "debriefing" about our annual camp we held 3 weeks ago.

Have you ever done a post-event evaluation meeting?

It's absolutely crucial to make any event better - whether it's a party, family reunion, vacation, or a visit to Wal-Mart on a Saturday.

It's always good to reflect.

For our camp, we evaluate both with a staff survey and in person.

Here are my favorite quotes from the staff survey:

1. I wish we had had pizza.
My response: We did. On Wednesday. Why weren't you supervising your children?

2. The campers were sometimes rude. My response: You had a group of pre-teens. Sometimes, that's how they roll.

3. Could you do something about the bugs? My response: If you can get support for moving the Alabama camp to San Francisco, then yes.

{image: Jamie}

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