The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.76

Each weekend, I post a readable, a watchable, and a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens next. Earlier volumes can be found here.

This is the And-By-Recommend-I-Mean-Do-Not-Recommend Edition. I'm going to focus on a genre of books I find most disturbing.

Christian Romance Fiction.

The vague cover of a fake book that probably exists.

And I don't mean all of it. I'm actually a big fan of authors Francine Rivers and Deeanne Gist.

Due to my extensive experience, I suggest you avoid the following:

1. Book covers including a white pioneer woman staring forlornly to her right.

2. Any stubborn, yet beautiful protagonist who's widowed or spinster at 26.

3. Any novel categorized as
"Christian" but the only spiritual struggle is the previously mentioned stubbornness.

4. Book covers including a white contemporary woman carrying shopping bags.

5. Authors who have written more than 30 books in less than 10 years.

These books tend to lend themselves to crazy bad writing.

They also convince you some rugged cowboy or rugged FBI agent is waiting to push your buttons, but sweep you off your feet.

Emotional porn.

I've hidden a huge stash of it in my heart.

Time for a new favorite story.



  1. I tend to avoid authors who have written an astounding number of books in a short period of time from any genre.

    I call them pez dispensers. Tilt back their head - out pops another novel.

    Excellent post =)

  2. S: And aren't all their novels always the same? Boo to Pez.

  3. Wait, so you made that fake book? I was thinking it was the newest Amish romance novel and was ready to hop in my buggy to go get. Total disappointment.

  4. S: I think I have a future as a book cover designer, no? I may plan to write this book in the near future.

  5. YES! Awesome. I too take issue with these books. Also, most Christian fiction in general - most of it is cliched, redundant, filled with poor writing, and what is with the cheesy, obvious romances in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM? Note to Christian fiction authors: The male and female protagonists don't ALWAYS have to fall in love. Just sayin'...

  6. S: Great note about being more realistic. Of course, I wanted Julia Roberts' character in Best Friend's Wedding to end up with SOMEBODY. I guess I'm guilty of drinking the kool-aid.


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