The Post About a Bed Named Benji

Summer always wraps its fingers around my neck and waits.

The biggest events I plan for my day job are in June and August. And each time I pack up the last box in the car, I think...

Event planners go to the grave early to get some uninterrupted sleep.

Last week was a social worker conference. Here are some life lessons I'll be needlepointing on some pillows:

1. Hilton beds are like a full frontal hug from your 6th grade crush.

2. Microphones and sarcasm don't always play well together.

Bacon is the ideal condiment.

4. A chair massage can hurt so good like eating too much macaroni and cheese.

5. Loving your coworkers is like a bonus Jonas.



  1. This one made me laugh... starting with summer's "fingers!"

  2. AW: Summer's fingers are spindly yet surprisingly strong.


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