The Post About I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

A recent article in the New York Times ruffled a few feathers. Specifically, some 20-somethings who were the target of criticism. I wish I could just point my mature and responsible finger at these entitled, Upward-basketball playing young adults who like trophies and N*Sync.

But I am not without condemnation.

A quote from the NYT piece:

We’re in the thick of what one sociologist calls “the changing timetable for adulthood.” Sociologists traditionally define the “transition to adulthood” as marked by five milestones: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying and having a child.

Let's explore my progress in each of these areas:

1. Completing school. It wasn't always pretty, but I did this. Sometimes I want to go back to school but I think that has more to do with organizing a Trapper Keeper than getting another degree.

2. Leaving home. I did this at 18. And at 25. And at 28. It seems to have stuck that last time. But I wouldn't want to close any doors. Hi, Mom.

3. Becoming financially independent. Let's define "independent." If it doesn't include paying for a new home air conditioner or buying a house in your name only, then I'm in it to win it.

4. Marrying. Well... I'm trying. As is my mother.

5. Having a child. I'm thinking "adulthood" might be overrated.

So what about you? Are you an adult yet? How old were you when you crossed over?


  1. I just need babies and then I win! Is there a prize? I'm not sure I win anything actually. (I'm 26, by the way.)

    Does it count if you're still on your parents' family plan but pay for said line? I own a home. Does that balance out the family line dependence?

  2. K: When you have babies, there is a prize: a legacy. However, in order to cash in, you must work through 18 years of crazy. I'll officially exempt you from family dependence since you pay your way :-)

  3. I'm pretty sure if you "have" color your hair you are officially a woman. Not neccesarily an adult.

  4. hahaha trying your mother... Well if by financially independant, they mean adopt a 50's housewife mentality, quit your job, abandon your college degree, have a baby and rely entirely on your husband for EVERYTHING, I totally win. Am excellent adult. And I'm 30

  5. J: I'll take what I can get.

    S: Kudos on adulthood!

  6. 1) I completed this one, then went back for more. Does that mean I'll be even MORE of an adult when I finish grad school?

    2)Check. I know I COULD go back if ever necessary, but certainly hope that never happens.

    3) Ahem. Working on this one ... but closer than I've ever been.

    4) Working on this one too, but didn't realize how hard the boys would be working against me.

    5) Not gonna happen. I'll stay a child in the world's eyes if it takes having one to change that. I'm too old and my body too tired. Sorry.
    (Caveat: should the Lord assist me in completing task 4 with someone who has them already, fine.)

  7. M: You'll be a super-adult when you finish school!


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