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I got Konrad my Nikon D40 SLR camera over a year ago and I still feel like I'm learning to drive a stickshift with no feet. I've tried to read so many sites and every explanation comes up a little short. I know I should take a class, but I like to spend my money at Redbox and Chick-Fil-A. Luckily, Kevin and Amanda saved this day with this top-notch tutorial.


I love award shows. Fancy clothes, awkward red carpet questions, and losers who aren't me. The Emmys were last week and I thought they were the best yet (based on my measly 15 year streak of watching - nerd). My recommendation is largely due to this phenomenal opening number.


A recent concert excursion to see Dave Barnes led me to Steve Moakler.
He's got that John Mayer vibe without being the occasional tool. Of course, he's probably a tool at times too, because who of us isn't? I digress. Steve's latest album is All The Faint Lights which is worthy of some loose change.


  1. OK, I think I'm on a 15 year streak of not watching the Emmys -- but that opening number was pretty dang hot.

  2. -->l: :-) I'm glad you could have an Emmy moment without breaking the streak!

  3. THANK YOU FOR THE DSLR TUTORIAL LINK! (Yes that deserved all caps.) I am in the same boat with you on that.

    And the only thing that could've made the Emmy's opening number better is if it was Kate Gosselin free, but still a good time.

  4. K: I'm with you on skipping Kate Gosselin - she now wants to act. We can blame Jimmy Fallon for that.


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