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2010 Fall TV Preview Edition

This is what autumn looks like in Minnesota.

Not in Alabama.

It will look like this for approximately 10 minutes in late October. Don't blink.

But leaves changing is not Fall to me.

A new batch of television shows is what really prompts me to put Summer to bed and dig out boots and pumpkin-flavored everything.

Here's a quick recap of my thoughts on the new shows I caught this week.
Coding Categories:
*1* Will make DVR plans to watch. For now.
*2* Will stop and watch if I have the time.
*3* Umm...no thanks.

Mike & Molly:
I'm 100% supportive of overweight funny folks as lead characters. But there were a hair too many "fat" jokes. *2*
The Event: My heart needs a new "Lost." Crossing fingers. *1*

Hawaii Five-O: Alex O'Loughlin without a shirt might be enough, but it also has quick paced and interesting story-telling. *1*


Raising Hope:
Loved. It. Heart-tugging and hilarious. *1*
Running Wilde: I have a pre-existing affection for Will Arnett and Keri Russell. But it's just too quirky. And not in a good way. *3*

*No Ordinary Family: Debuts this week. A suburban family survives plane crash and develops super powers. BTW: A scenario on my bucket list.


Better With You: Studio audience classic sit-com. The laugh track actually kept me from loving it. *2*

The Whole Truth
: I'm not a huge fan of procedurals (shows that wrap up storyline in one episode). I liked the method of switching back and forth between the perspectives of the offense and defense and then the "what really happened" in the last 30 seconds. But everything else is a formula you can see lots of other places. *2*
Undercovers: Combining spies and JJ Abrams - 2 of my faves.
I desperately wanted to love it, but there was no real suspense. Or conflict. Drama, por favor. *2*


$#*! My Dad Says: Love William Shatner. Hate this show. Dumb jokes with no substance. *3*

Nikita: Did I mention I love spies? It's my "So You Think You Can Kick Butt" complex. I've watched 3 episodes and I like. It would be super if the plot twists were a tad more twisty. *1*

Outsourced: It's The Office in India. But not as funny. Where's Parks & Recreation? *2*


Just like many folks on the planet, my DVR takes a break on Fridays.

So what have you seen that you love? Any concerns about my perspective?

P.S. Entertainment-themed giveaway tomorrow to honor you surviving this Rabbit Recommends.

{image: *Micky}


  1. I thought Mike & Molly was cute. Plus a friend of mine's sister is in it and you know how I love watching anything with someone I know personally. (In this case it's Katy Mixon ... she plays Molly's sexy sister.)

  2. I didn't watch Lost but Lee really wanted to watch The Event and I was a nice wife and watched it with him and I really liked it. I think we'll be tuning in regularly.
    My feelings are reversed on Raising Hope and Running Wilde, but that's okay. Sh$! My Dad Says did suck. And I only made it 10 minutes into Outsourced before I got bored. But Thursdays are a very busy TV night for me so that might be why.

  3. MD: I liked M&M better last night...I love the sister so much - she was hilarious in Four Christmases!

    K: I'm glad we can agree to disagree :-) Thursday are super swamped. I need more DVRs.

  4. She's also got a great role in the Sandra Bullock movie "All About Steve". Check it out.

  5. MD: See, I generally miss the Razzie movies, but it's in my Netflix cue...

  6. I watched the first episode of The Event and at the end of it, was like "Oh, no." I'm pretty sure it's about aliens and I'm so tired of them! I'm liking Hawaii Five-O though.


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