The Post About South by Southwest Part I

I plotted and planned a trip to the Southwest.

And I let my parents pay for it.

We flew from Birmingham to Phoenix.

DSC_6095 copy
On the plane, my mother talked through her fear of flying and my dad looked out the window.

They maintained those positions for almost 4 hours.

Phoenix = best meal of the trip. Dining bloggetizer coming soon...

Let's take a moment to talk about Arizona.

Hot. Period.

And all of those folks mumbling something to themselves about "dry" versus "humid" can KISS IT.

105 degrees is toasty. Whitney lip or no Whitney lip.

There are cacti and bushes and piles of rocks. Most of which are pretty snazzy to stare at.

DSC_6109 copy
Aren't they adorable? You can't tell from this picture, but he is harboring a fear of directions and she is trying to nurture with sugar free purse snacks.

DSC_6120 copy
I don't know why John McCain has to hog all the pretty. Exhibit A: Sedona.

DSC_6155 copy
You just want to pinch the baby cacti cheeks.

DSC_6169 copy
Even God has a house amongst the red rocks.

DSC_6152 copy
His humble abode is next to this one. I hope they tithe.

Sedona is a must-stop for anyone in the neighborhood - the drive alone is worth it.

But it's just a sugar free mint to the filet mignon that was coming...

DSC_6177 copy

{images: Jamie}


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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