The Post About South by Southwest Part 2

Next stop on the trip is apparently a mecca for the globe.

The Grand Canyon.

DSC_6275 copy

I know it's a hot spot like St. Bart's and Dubai since only 1 out of every 10 folks spoke English.

Très bien.

DSC_6226 copy
Another occupant of this national park. But it's the kind of apartment dweller who stays up late, plays Vanilla Ice with open windows and then bites your hand at the dumpster.

DSC_6236 copy
Another neighbor is the pack mules. They are strangely disciplined, forceful and won't let you get up. Not unlike my first grade teacher, Mrs. Stanford.

I bet the mules would not think my defiance is the result of a hearing problem. YOU WEREN'T ALWAYS RIGHT NANCY.

DSC_6251 copy
I challenged my senior parents to a dainty multi-mile hike around the rim.

DSC_6224 copy
She is never with him.

DSC_6203 copy
And he is never with her.

This is a result of our inability to all stay together. Remember what I wrote about traveling with toddlers?

We stayed in the national park, which is a MUST if you're going for more than 1 day. We stayed at the
Yavapai Lodges which looked like a rundown Super 8 motel in the woods.

And I do mean "woods" since this was the view from our window.

DSC_6299 copy
However, there were granite countertops, 400 thread count sheets and a lovely flat screen.

After experiencing such beauty (which you can see more of at my flickr stream) it's time for the perfect souvenir.

Do you know what a single woman of 34 with discerning taste and a sugar mama who's paying picks?

DSC_6585 copy
Book is divided by type of death - suicide, murder, dehydration, freak accidents, etc.


And loved this.

DSC_6222 copy

Next? We transitioned from one of God's creation to another off Route 66:

DSC_6314 copy

{images: Jamie}


  1. Off to amazon dot com to get a little piece of the grand canyon death action for myself!

  2. S: You WILL NOT regret the purchase. You may not visit the Grand Canyon again, but...


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