The Re-Post About Aunt Flow Apologies

Today we're at the Grand Canyon. This means I'm in a photography coma trying to navigate things like white balance and aperture. And I'm probably acting like a putz.

This post was originally posted on March 23, 2009.

As I've mentioned
before, we're walking through the book of Genesis in my weekly Bible study (31 chapters in...) I thought I would do a recap of some things we've learned so far:

1. Women were very attractive even into their 80's and later. This is why their husbands would pretend the women were their sisters. This prevented the "other" men who clearly couldn't control themselves around these hot mamas from killing the "man of the house." In reality, they weren't brother and sister - more like, half-brother and sister or cousins. That's much better.

2. Babies were often named after something significant related to the circumstance of their birth. For example, Jacob (son of Isaac and Rebekah) has a name similar to the Hebrew word for "heel" because he was holding his twin brother's foot upon exiting the womb. If my parents had employed this method, I would have been named Melonheada.

3. Stealing something from a family member never works out well. If you did attempt this, you needed to leave home immediately and only return when you could provide 100 sheep or a water well named in their honor as a peace offering. The exception to this rule was Rachel (wife to Jacob). She stole her father's household idols and hid them in her riding saddle. When he began the search, she apologized for not being able to rise from the camel because she was "in a woman way." It's good to know this special monthly arrival has been a go-to excuse for women for thousands of years. I knew it.

I've also been reminded that God is slow to anger when His children are putzes. I'm a regular recipient of this mercy.


  1. I tried to comment before, but it didn't work.

    I was trying to say "I think the use of the word putz is funny. Do you know what it means?"

  2. hahaHa! These are all very important lessons, thank you for the reminder. Off to locate my technicolor dream coat now...they're "in" for fall ya know...

  3. A: I just looked it up and whoops. I should have said I'm a schmuck.

    S: I've been patiently waiting for Marc Jacobs to lead the technicolor movement.


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