The Post About Heating up Your Workplace

Temperature for Productivity
Random tidbit in last month's Real Simple magazine.

Temperature is a harrowing topic at my workplace.

Here are the top 3 "heated" discussions we discuss when we discuss things in a heated discussory manner.

1. Dirty dishes left in the sink. There's some sort of regressive childhood disorder going on here. I blame doting mothers.

2. Coffee comparable to brake fluid. It's not good. You can pretend it is, but it's not. I will choose the high road on the brand, but it rhymes with Loyal Pup.

3. Talking in the hall outside someone's office.

My personal work pet peeve:
Entering the restroom immediately after someone else has taken care of some profound business. I work quickly to exit before someone enters and blames me for the assault on the senses. Is that just me?

For the record:
This gal with the muffin top is always freezing.

What's your work drama? PDA, disappearing staplers, keyed cars?

{image: Jamie}

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