The Post About Christmas in Lights

Since I was blog silent during the recent major holidays, I failed to share some fine chasing rabbit moments.

For New Year's, I visited Caryann in Nashville with the other bestie, Kara. We found ourselves searching high and low for entertaining activities since Kara's husband requested we avoid as much debauchery as possible.

Caryann is a self-proclaimed non-planner when it comes to non-work. This trait led to a riveting visit to
The Lipton Lights in Franklin, TN. This light display at a neighborhood house collects donations for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Helpful background information: Caryann tends to make friends with people who like to work puzzles. I am not one of those friends.

I apologize for that two minutes and eighteen seconds you'll never get back.

I'll be dropping a Whip My Hair cover soon.


  1. You have the thickest Southern accent I've heard in a long time. And I live in Tennesse.

  2. C: You're lucky to have authentic southern friends. Not just those who claim a state as home when convenient. Wait, that's you.


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