The Post About The Birds Who Carry Your Email Away

I sometimes serve as the backup technical wizard at my office. 

I thought it was because I was young and spry. But most of my questions come from those younger and spry-er. They say it's actually because I use terms like "jpeg" and "hashtag."

Recently, a coworker frantically called due to an email lingering in her Outlook outbox. After a few questions, I deduced the drama was related to the Mount Rushmore-sized attachment. 

No one embraces limits. Even when I clearly explain that the "birds who carry the email to the far off land of Serverbia" can only fly with so much weight on their wings.

Sidebar: How snazzy is Matt Wertz' new album Weights & Wings?

I suggested we delete the outgoing email from the outbox, but it wasn't budging when we tried the Plan A combo of highlight and delete. So here's what came next:

Me: Why don't we try clicking the email & dragging it to the deleted folder?

Coworker: How do I do that? 

Me: Just click the email so it's highlighted and while holding down the left button on your mouse, pull it till it hovers over the folder labeled "deleted items" and then release the mouse button.

Coworker: I don't have a mouse.

Me: What? 

Coworker: Remember, I have a laptop. So I don't have a mouse.

Me: {blink, blink}

For the record, young and educated does not necessarily mean savvy. 

I blame a childhood filled with too many trophies for just showing up.
{image: Jamie}


  1. KE: My t-zone leaves its mark on the fake wood more than I'd like...

  2. I don't know if that coworker was part of the "troph-Y age."

  3. AW: You may be right. I like how you're defending your Y race.

  4. Two things:
    1) You deserve a raise - I'm talking a big one.
    2) I love Matt Wertz. Just saw him in concert with Ben Rector last month. Here's a crappy video I took: http://bit.ly/kvSFga

  5. JM: 1) Copying and pasting this to my boss.
    2) What a treat! I had tickets for their show in B'ham, but those goofy tornadoes changed plans. Love Ben too!

  6. You don't know just how real this is for me everyday!

  7. C: My apologies to you and your family.


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