The Post About Short Term Memory Problems Making You Late

I have some short-term memory issues. Hence the rabbit-chasing.

Exhibit A
This morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and remembered my lipstick was in my handbag which was in the living room. I stopped lining my eyes, walked 30 feet directly to the lipstick and saw a book I needed to return to work. I placed the book in my bag and walked back to the bathroom. No lipstick.

That scenario happens almost daily. Just substitute any room and any object and end the story with me asking "Why did I come in here?"

Exhibit B
After a long Lenten season of fasting television, I was ready for 30 Rock on Easter Sunday. 

But where was the remote? I searched for 15 minutes and almost decided to do laundry when I said to myself "THINK! Where could it be?"  

And then I remembered this:
Remote Control Out of Place
In a different room on my Rainbow Brite bookshelf

How did I know? Because this may or may not be where my sound system is the loudest when I may or may not do my cleaning-the-house-dance-breaks when I may or may not also need a "microphone."

Exhibit C
One pair of sneakers. One casual Friday. Can't find the right one of the pair. No reason for it to be anywhere but where I'm looking. Unfortunately the search is delayed by this:

You have a pile like this, right? Clean clothes lying on top of hangars and left shoes. Just me?

Even after digging through that fresh as a spring breeze monstrosity, there was still no missing sneaker. So I said to myself "THINK! Where could it be?" 

And then I remembered this:
This was a photograph I took of one shoe in my driveway for the post when my doctor told me I was too fat to run. Also, the last time I saw those shoes. Missing sneaker was by the front door. 

If I'm ever late, now you know why.

P.S. We have a winner of the $30 Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic Gift Card:
Winner: Miss Manda who said...  I think my kindness is beautiful :) or my teeth 

Miss Manda - congrats! Contact me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your bounty!

{images: Jamie}


  1. This is hilarious. I LOL for every exhibit. And I do the same thing. It gets more frequent which each passing day.

  2. I love the dryer sheet. That thing is like a sign from the gods.

  3. R: The increased frequency is what makes me nervous. I'm confident I'll end up just wandering around my yard with no clue.

    twdt: I agree.

  4. Ah, welcome to many of my mornings! Argh -- I'm in the midst of one again and I have tentative coffee plans. Focus, me, focus!

  5. I suffer from this same disease - I'm just convinced that this is what Alzheimer's looks like at our age ....
    That is why I have grace for folks who get distracted !!!

  6. c: My tentative hair-brushing plans sometimes get cancelled.

    a: Grace. How great a debtor.

  7. Oh you're hilarious! You just made my day with this post, made me feel wonderfully normal. :-)

  8. RT: I've realized I'm quite the delightful measuring stick.

  9. I know LOTS of people who have a clean laundry pile just like that. Because they don't have time to fold clothes. Because they are busy raising children, taking care of a family, and chauffeuring the neighborhood kids. You, on the other hand, have no excuse.

  10. C: I don't think the single lady working at a swanky record label should point her finger at me. With her unfurnished home.


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