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I'm handing off the reins today to one of the handful of Mommy bloggers I follow - Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity. For the record, not all mommy bloggers are created equally. Rachel is one who's not afraid to blog the randomness, the obscurity, and the hilarity of parenting. Even at risk of being judged. You will not regret subscribing to her blog. Not in the least.
I like Jamie - a lot. 

For one, because she's hilarious.

(Can I get an Amen?)

But more than that, I like Jamie because she's a blogger.

And we bloggers - well, we have to stick together. Because we're a vastly misunderstood group. Only we know the agony of the desperate attempts to create content out of nothing (because let's face it, our subject matters are usually little more than nothing), the futile workings to keep our blogs about nothing from offending anyone, and the nearly impossible task of finding time to do all this - because believe it or not, we have lives outside of the internet as well.

So, for sake of argument, let's call non-bloggers "Buggles".

We can't blame Buggles for not understanding us if we don't make the attempt to explain ourselves.

And so, to help Buggles understand a little more of what happens in our heads and to our families, I've created some examples, via t-shirts.

After all, except for Facebook Statuses and Tweets, what better way to express yourself than a t-shirt?

Okay, there are lots of better ways. But still. I present to you...

If Bloggers Wore T-Shirts…

My self-worth is based entirely on the number o... shirt
Don't mind that mortifying picture I just took ... shirt

If Bloggers' Husbands and Friends Wore T-Shirts...
I'm sick of starting every sentence with

And, if Bloggers' Kids Wore T-Shirts...
Don't talk to me right now. My Mommy is in the ... shirt
Why does everyone seem to know everything about... shirt

Yes, Buggles, this is just a little of the agony we ourselves go through, and what our family and friends endure to bring you internet content.

I hope you give Jamie a bigger hug next time you see her.

(All thank you notes can be placed in the Thank You Note box below.)

(images: Zazzle}
It's Jamie again. Might I suggest a few of my favorite posts by Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity...


  1. Rachel, great post! Now I'm gonna HAVE to subscribe to your RSS feed - curse you for having engaging and entertaining content....btw, I'll give an amen to Jamie's comedic genius!

    Jamie, double-plus curses at you for sharing another talented and funny writer.  Hope camp was nothing but maximum awesomeness....

  2. You won't look back after following Rachel - good stuff. And thank you for the double-plus curses. You'd be surprised how often I get those :-)


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