The Post About Excusing My Absence

IMG_3203 copy 
Hi, my little monsters.

I'm still recovering from Camp APAC and that costume. I plan to be back to proper blogging tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Lowe's $40 Gift Card is...
Erin Mize who won for being a Facebook "liker." Her fix-it project: "I would LOVE a jump start fix on painting my bathroom! It's a project for sure..."

Erin - contact me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your prize!  

{image: my friend Allison Peatross}


  1. That is, um, quite the costume. :-) No wonder you need time to recover! :-)

  2. HAHA!  I hope the drink can didn't leave sticky stuff in your hair.  Oh, and super-short bangs are maybe not the best look for you, IJS.

  3. I still have gaga in the most random places...

  4. I'm still trying to get all the gaga out of the most random places...

  5. Me thinks I'm also not fit for yellow hair either.


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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