The Post About Cake Leading You Astray

Recently, two people told me I publish "food pornography." 

My rabbit chasing heart has no interest in causing you to stumble. However, it's been a busy week of cupcake hustling.
Margarita Cupcakes with Lime Frosting
Maragarita lime cake with lime cream cheese frosting. I call it El Presidente. These are debauchery free, but I make no guarantees about your struggle with gluttony.

Elvis Presley
Meet Elvis. He's banana cake with peanut butter frosting. I simply added banana extract to the White Lily cake and whipped up Ina Garten's icing.

James Brown
Hi there, James Brown. He's a chunky brownie cake with a dusting of powdered sugar. To invite him to your house, add Hershey's chocolate chunks to Anne Thornton's Decadent Brownies.

Pinky Tuscadero
Summertime in a liner. Pinky Tuscadero is a pink lemonade cake with pink lemonade frosting. She can be found in the Big Book of Cupcakes by Jan Moon.

Betty White
This is the naughtiest of them all. 

No surprise, her name is Betty White. She's devil's food cake with a melted Snickers miniature hidden away and topped with caramel frosting. Designed especially for all of us by Jamie at My Baking Addiction.

Which would you want to try? What sweet do you adore?

{images: Jamie}

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