The Post About a Thursday in the Life

A reader messaged me last week with the following:

"I want to spend a day with you since it's probably all caffeine, frosting, and shiny objects."


I'm in a wish granting mood, so here's a rabbit recap of Thursday, July 28 for Michael.
DITL Collage 1
My parents are the type who linger in the AM. A cup or two of Folgers, a newspaper scan, some laundry, and maybe re-tiling the bathroom. Hours pass and only then do they consider dressing for work.

I'm a sleep-until-you-cannot-stand-it-any-longer morning person. Getting ready is timed to the tee. Iced coffee inhaled while layering a 2nd coat and rerunning some legen-{wait for it}-dary television. No room for error. 

Or a nutritious breakfast.

DITL Collage 2
I consider the car a perfect place to multitask. However, my attention deficit is sidelined when faced with the worst of moving violations: slow left lane driving. In that moment, I manage a laser-like focus in attempts to will you to move to the right. My mutterings and stank eye rarely seem to work. 


I'm able to recover from the commute by serving families at my day job at Children's Aid Society (CAS).

Rabbit Sidebar: CAS is also the name of the public child welfare department in Canada. This leads to daily skirmishes with Toronto Facebook users who abuse their children and don't know Alabama is in a different country. STOP YELLING AT ME, EH!

DITL Collage 3
My workspace is 100% feng shui. 

Doesn't "feng shui" mean stashed with candy, comfy chairs, and Star Wars memorabilia? No?

Then it's feng shwanky.

DITL Collage 4
This specific day pushed me 2 hours north to a conference for foster care teens. My passenger ADD kept company with Google Reader and my new boyfriend: Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones. A coworker shared this delight and I fell hard. 

So hard that I'd drive to Panama City Beach and buy us matching airbrushed tank tops.

DITL Collage 5
I'm a hotel fan. Poolside, in-room coffee maker, and someone makes my bed.

Another traveling highlight is breaking bread with snazzy coworkers. Please enjoy a transcript of one dinner topic from that evening:

Roseann: What moisturizer do you use?
Me: I use Philosophy's Hope in a Jar.
Roseann: {points to bottle of Chilean wine} This is my hope in a jar.

Another topic:

Me: I take melatonin to help me fall asleep.
Rod: You should try liquid melatonin.
Roseann: {points to bottle Chilean wine} This is my liquid melatonin.

This day's life lesson? Always sit by Roseann.

What would you change about your average day because it's less-than? What would you supersize because it's like-wow?

{images: Jamie}

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