The Guest Post About Pictures Telling a Different Story

Today, I'm swapping spaces with Sharideth from A Woman's Guide to Women: A Blog for Men. She tells guys what-for, but wraps it in wit. Sometimes the readers get grumpy, but always educated. She's a wife and homeschooling mom. You might think we'd have zero in common, but I'm confident we have matching DNA.

Jamie takes pictures. really good pictures. pictures that actually mean things and have some sort of intrinsic value.

i do not do either of those things.

if i didn't have a camera on my phone, my children's childhood would be entirely lost.

but when we decided to swap posts, i figured i'd not only out myself for the awful photographer that i am, but also give you a taste of my life in pictures. 

really, really terrible pictures.

here we go. captions are below the pictures.
1. is that not the most horrible baby picture since the dawn of demons? and in case you're wondering, yes, that is actually me. my husband, Craig, breaks it out at parties. he likes to point out the bow, like that somehow makes it better.

2. this is what i look like now. sometimes. but most pictures taken of me look more like...

3. yep. that's more like it.

4. this is my husband, Craig, in his lair (aka his recording studio). looks pretty badass right?

5. this is also him...with a Peep sticking out of his face.

6. this is my daughter, Alex. she's 13.

7. this is also my daughter, Alex. did i mention that she's 13 aaand almost 5'7"? yeah. kill me now.

8. do you think she'll let me do her makeup like this for her all the time? her comment upon looking in the mirror was, "so i'm guessing my funeral was closed casket?"

9. this is my son, Carter, as he is right now. and this...

10. is the greatest kindergarten picture ever taken. but this...

11. is what happens when the boy is left alone and bored.

12. i do this a lot. someone was bound to get a picture of it. and last but not least....

13. my cat, Toby. just because he's that awesome.

okay, so why does my family seem to only take pictures with stuff sticking out of our faces? i have no idea. but apparently my kids come by it honestly.

people seem to think Craig and i have a lock on the cool factor, i hope this has set them straight.

so what about you? do your pictures tell a different story about who you are compared to what people think?

P.S. After you answer Sharideth's questions, go directly to her blog A Woman's Guide to Women and subscribe. While you're there, you can read my post on postponing my search for a husband and the must-haves in a woman's handbag.

Whatever. They're related.

{images: Sharideth}

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