The Post About Twitter High Fives and Down Lows

Facebook and I have started seeing less of each other.

I'm the problem. My tendencies as a friend request floozy have caught up with me. My newsfeed is cluttered with 147 extra people I'm sure I don't actually know.

The problem is part of high school is a blur. No drugs, just self-centered.

Silver lining of this Facebook break? I've dedicated that part of my social media heart to working out Twitter.

I signed up for a Twitter account in February 2009. Two thousand tweets later and we've traded class rings.

If you're not already tweeting, do it now. 

And to get you started, I'll point you to my favorite go-to Beginner's Guide to Twitter by Jeff Goins (@jeffgoins).

Twitter Screenshot
Before I get to my rabbit rules of Twitter, can we take a closer look at this screenshot?

1. Profile Pic: Since I joined, my avatar has been my chocolate bunny (see blog header). I changed it yesterday after my not-in-real-life-but-still-snazzy-friend @brandiofbham nudged me. She and every social media guru seem to be pro-face.

2. Similar To You: Twitter will suggest tweeters for you to follow based on your 46-page eHarmony questionnaire. Or random chance.

Today, it suggested Swanson Broths. Isn't broth just the run-off from real food? Thumbs down.

It also suggested @mandiemariebee. Not impressed since I already follow her. And we were separated at birth.

Twitter High Fives:
1.Tweet. Just that...say stuff. But before you post, ask yourself: Is this tweet useful or funny or insightful or interesting? Your morning eye gook does not meet any of those criteria.

2. Follow. Try and find those you already know and then consider new friends. Search for topics you're interested in like crafting or golf or Debbie Gibson.

3. Follow back. If someone interacts with you by replying to your tweet or retweeting you, consider following them back. I may be projecting to those who aren't following me back. I LOVE YOU A WHOLE LOT ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

4. Share. Retweeting someone is the best gift ever. Unless you don't credit them, then you're what the French call "chez nitwit."

Twitter Down Lows:
1. Long conversations. Keep the public back and forth to a minimum. Your followers don't care about you ironing out the details of your upcoming trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond with your mom.

2. Tweeting without ceasing. Posting more than 10-15 times a day is a lot. Step away from your computersmartphonetablet and pluck your eyebrows. Or parent your children.

3. Obnoxious tweeting. If it would be hurtful to say it in person, then it's hurtful here. Exception? Commenting on college football teams outside of the SEC.

4. Going over. Honor the 140 character limit. You can do it. It's why God made contractions and ampersands. 

Do you agree? What are your Twitter good ideas & bad ideas? Are you following me? Why not? Am I following you? Why not?

*If you comment, include your twitter username and I'll be there.

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