The Post About 8 Mistakes I Keep Making

Some people make a mistake and then do the work necessary to never repeat the error. They admit the blunder, visualize a new outcome, and then write a best-selling self-help book.

Some people are me. 

This is a short list of 8 mistakes I make over and over and then once more to grow on.

1. Consuming the overrated. Granola, Marshmallows, Pop-Tarts, Nicolas Cage. I keep expecting something fantastic. It's never fantastic.

2. Lifting heavy stuff. John Eldredge clearly explains in Wild At Heart that men want "to be heroes, to be warriors, to live lives of adventure and risk." Why am I not letting them carry the hefty things when they offer? Why am I not letting them sport the sweaty brow? 

3. Eating at chain restaurants with food in the name. I will do this for friends who bask in a bottomless bowl of salad or revel in waiting for a table while camped out in a rocking chair playing life-size checkers. However, you can't go wrong choosing local. They really do it better.

4. Hitting my snooze button. I can easily brainwash myself to think that 9 minutes can be shaved off a routine that's ALWAYS taken 40. Which is why I'm often 9 minutes late to work.

5. Putting down my keys. An ADD diagnosis does not support this habit. Combine #4 and #5 and I'm 14 minutes late to work.

6. Getting irate about passive-aggressive Facebook statuses. I fly off the handle when folks post things like "I don't understand why you can't find the key to the lock you placed on the door to our love." OR "You're a skank and I know about you and my cousin." I'm learning to hide the cowardice and the crazy.

7. Buying oranges. So much work. And then they mold.

8. Thinking emoticons convey sarcasm. My email wit and whimsy doesn't always translate by simply tacking <@@> to the end of a sentence. Can't you see those are my sarcastic rolling eyes? I’m not sure what’s wrong…but it’s probably your fault. <@@>

What mistakes of yours seem to be on repeat?

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