The Post About The 5 Most Played Songs

Do you find yourself married to a select group of songs? I do. 

See what I did there?

Although there are 3500+ tracks in my music library, I seem to always land on the same 100 or so. iTunes will speak to the heart of that weird habit by automatically filling up a playlist for me called "Top 25 Most Played."

Anytime I click on that playlist, I always react the same way as if it's the first time I've seen those songs in years rather than 21 minutes earlier. Giddy.

Here's my own Top 5:

1. Halfway Home – Jason Mraz

Cute guy. Songwriter. Guitar. All in.

2. Turning Tables – Adele

Long time Adele fan and I've already recommended her newest album, 21, along with the rest of the planet. This was the track that owned me after only one listen. Still owns me 127 listens later.

3. Speaking a Dead Language – Joy Williams

I fancied Joy when she was 19 and blonde and crowned a Christian pop princess. I fancy her now at 29 and brunette and 1/2 of The Civil Wars. This song is for that moment when you need to just sit and wallow in it. Whatever it may be. 

4. Orphans, Kingdoms – Brooke Fraser

My favorite baby born at Hillsong. "In me, in you. Orphans, kingdoms." No truer statement.

5. No Day But Today – Idina Menzel

The 1st show I ever saw on Broadway was Rent. Front row and falling. Idina Menzel played Maureen in the original cast and was nominated for a Tony. (You may know her as Rachel's mom on Glee.) She performed this unique arrangement of Rent's "Another Day" during a PBS Soundstage event at the Lincoln Center in 2008.

Since I found $5.25 in my washer this morning, I can buy a little music. So answer me this...

What song or songs might we find in your most played list?

Thank you to Michelle at This Time Around for inspiring/letting me steal this post idea.

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